Alida van Almelo and John Evans

Kristina Ferguson, Meaghan Herbst, and Lee Gabler

Alyson DeCosa and Marc Jabbour

Dan Tickner, Katie Luker, Brittany Crawford, Julie Lynch, Lindsay Stanley, and Dave Schnittker

Angie Washburn and Ruth Samuels

Colin Lawrence, Laura Lewicki, Heather Staub, Mia Symoniak, Brittani Gagnon, and Christine Campbell

Sean Bakewell and Jenna Enwright

Mitchell Pesesky, Tony Wallace, Sara Kerns, and Emily Rothwell

Annie Scogin and Marc Jabbour

Stephanie Dann, Randa Jabbour, Jessica Schillawski, and Amanda Lockett

Becky Mackenzie and Nate Lockett

Ruth Samuels and Tom Brower

Rowdy boys represent cabin 1

Dan Tickner and Lisa Belge

CNS belles Taryn Menard, Beth Quartier, Laura Ewald, and Katie Tees

Mandy Wallace and Dave Wright

Emily Esposito, Adam Coppola, Mike Lane, Christiana Dobrzynski, and Taylor Delhagen

Mark Russell and Jennalee Wright

Heather O'Neill, Caitlin Wlodarski, Mike Clark, Kelly Ludovici, Katrina Bartell, Marie Parks, Steve Babcock, and Kristen DeGeorgio

Mia Symoniak and Brian Lombardo

Awww - what a happy group!

Pat Murphy and Mollie Tomlinson

Randa Jabbour and Pat Leone

Tom Brower, Ruth Samuels, Angie Washburn, Stephanie Hayduke, Veronica Gobeyn, Donna Langerfeld, and Allison Furey

Sam Pecoraro and Kaitlin O'Sullivan

And the dancing goes on...

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