Bill Rodgers with Veronica Gobeyn and Taylor Delhagen

Marie Parks, Kelly Ludovici, John Tees, and Stephen Cook patiently await Bill Rodgers' autograph.

Bill Rodgers talks to Marc Jabbour as Tim Kenien and Gina Malloy look on.

Jennifer and David Patruno with Bill Rodgers

Cheri and Rich Kenah try to catch fish with their bare hands

Bryan Buchanan, Pat Stagnitta, Cheri and Rich Kenah, and Matt LoPiccolo work together to try to catch the fish.

Rich and Cheri Kenah pose with Peter Bradley

David, Rich, Cheri, and Jennifer

Scott Raymond and Ruth Samuels receive autographed pictures from the Kenahs.

Amanda Lalley, Lindsay Stanley, Alicia Giglio, Sarah Searing, Julie Lynch, and Brittany Crawford pose with the Kenahs.

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