Thanks for a wonderful AH2002!!! See you next year for another week of fun running, more adventures, and great friendships!

Being at camp is exhausting!


Beginning another great run at Aim High Running Camp

Carrie Tollefson joins in on a run through the foothills of the Adirondacks

Aim High campers running strong

Brittany Crawford, Meaghan McAnaney, Donna Langerfeld, and Kaitlin O' Sullivan

Keep smiling ladies!

The CNS crew on the run

The water workout is an alternative to the afternoon run and a great way to cool off!

Beth Quartier cools off and works hard.

Super Sexy Six!!!


Special guest David Krummenacker with camp directors David and Jennifer Patruno.

David Krummenacker joins some campers for lunch.

Special guest David Krummenacker gives autographs to Kathleen Granchelli, Kristine Beringer, Mandy Holmberg, and David Roosa.

David Krummenacker poses with Beth Quartier, Laura Ewald, Kelly Ludovici, Katie Tees, Marie Parks, Taryn Menard, and Caitlin Wlodarski.

Krummenacker chilling with Chris Olsen, Ben Lewin, Ruth Steciuk, Brittany Demarse, Kayla Tomaro, and Scott Raymond.

Special guest Carrie Tollefson with camp directors David and Jennifer Patruno.

Carrie Tollefson feels right at home in Cabin 6.

Carrie joins Aim High campers and staffers for lunch.

Tom Benoit discusses injury prevention.

Gary Parker reflects on the importance of strength training.

Aim High staffer Mike Platt shares his knowledge with interested campers Dave Schnittker, Pat Wilbur, and Al Elmendorf.

Scott Weeks talks about the "little things" that will help your running.


The volleyball tournament heats up.

Good volleyball on a beautiful day at Camp Cottleston

Cabin 6's Divas and Ghetto Represent

Cabin 8's Shocking Musical Debut

Cabin 2's Taxonomic Approach to Running

Getting in the groove at the dance

Pat Martin and Dave Schnittker show off their moves.

Meghan Collins, Katie Luker, and Emily Gaborski are having fun!

Lindsey Kresser, Dan Tickner, and Carly Shannon enjoying themselves.

Jocelyn Edick, Meaghan Herbst, and Kaitlin Staudt are taking a breather from the dance.


Dance Dance Dance Fun Fun Fun

Mitchell Pesesky, Ruth Samuels, and Chris Wiseman

Jessie Sweetland, Alida van Almelo, Becky Mackenzie, and Paula Jabbour

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