Here is a collection of photographs from Aim High 2003! Thanks for a week of fun and excitement - see you next year!

Coach Weeks, Coach LoPiccolo, and Coach Vannatta

Team-building fun!

You can do it!

More fun...

Skaneateles Crew - Stephanie, Alyssa, Sarah, Lindsay, Julie and Jessica

Pat Leone teaches us about fully automated timing.

Lockport crew - Pat, Todd, Brett, and Mark.

Andrea, Brittany, Randa, and Chelsea

Chris Olsen and Coach LoPiccolo

Staff members Marc Jabbour and Alida van Almelo

Campers enjoying portable pudding!

Oh to strengthen your core with an ab-abber 2000.

Work it!

Ruth Samuels and Katherine Niedzwiecki perform in their skit.

Tom Proctor rocking out!

What would camp be without a fire and Tom Proctor playing some tunes?

DJ Matty Fatty - the master of it all

Brittany, Colin, Andrea, Ethan and Chelsea

Lindsay, Randa, Julie, and Jen

Homer girls dancing!

Mariko and Diane

Randa and Pat

Chris Olsen and Kelly Ludovici

Marie Parks and Jared Burdick

Paula and Randa Jabbour

Claire Radford, Mary Geis, Jessica Buonaccorsi, and Carrie!

Mariko and Tom

Coach Vannatta & James!


Ali & Marissa Ainsworth with Juli Henner

Paula Jabbour with Juli Henner enjoying smores.

Juli Henner with camp directors David & Jennifer Patruno.

Pat Russell and Juli Henner

Kathleen Granchelli & Kristine Berringer party boyin' Juli Henner.

Erica Bourgois, Colleen MacKenzie, and Juli Henner

Hank Church, Bryan Koslowski, and Jessica O'Neil with Juli Henner

Juli Henner with the Rochester girls!

Henry Klugh of Inside Track

Gayland Aston giving shoe certificate to Nicki Junod.

Jessica Schillawski with Carrie Tollefson

Carrie with Alex Hazelmyer

Mitch Pesesky with Carrie Tollefson

Carrie Tollefson and Lyle Tolli

Ashley Filiczkowski and Carrie Tollefson

Alida, Marissa, Ali, Derek, Paula, Katie, Joanne, Jessie AND STEVE HOLMAN!

Julie Lynch, Lindsay Stanley, and Jessica O'Neil with Steve Holman

Steve Holman and Heather Wilson

Jared Burdick and Steve Holman

Mia Symoniak, Kathleen Granchelli, Larkin Kimmerer, Steve Holman, Kristine Berringer, Sara Baker - "party girlin'" Steve Holman.

Andrea DeSantis, Chelsea Miller, and Brittany Petrilli with Steve Holman

Ryan Pelligrino and Steve Holman

Steve Holman and John Heron

John Martin and Steve Holman

Steve Holman with the Patrunos

Mia Symoniak and Steve Holman

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