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O'NEILL TWINS: meet Kate and Laura O'Neill

BASKETBALL: the tournament begins
HANGING OUT: Matt LoPiccolo speaking, campers enjoying AH'05
RILEY: meet Jonathon Riley

BASKETBALL: the tournament continues, the champions!
OTTER CREEK: sliding down the falls
OTTER CREEK: again and again
OTTER CREEK: and hanging out by the water, w/ the Riley family
CAPTURE THE FLAG: the incredible annual game

FREE TIME: shots from mealtime and free time
OTTER CREEK: more pics from the falls
OTTER CREEK: and even more
OTTER CREEK: sliding down the falls
OTTER CREEK: and having fun at Otter Creek
VOLLEYBALL: the best beach volleyball anywhere
TALENT SHOW: entertainment for all

RUNNING: running, running, running
WATER WORKOUT: a great alternative to the roads
HANGING OUT: Pat Leone speaking, misc fun, Jon Riley and fam
ULTIMATE FRISBEE: Group 1 vs. Group 2
DANCE: end of the week bash
DANCE: fun all night long

RUNNING GROUPS: on the very last day and staff pics!
GOODBYES: teary and sad goodbyes

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