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CHECK-IN: pictures of the first day at camp
CABINS: all the cabin groups!

MORNING: a group talk by Jeff Beck and get-to-know-you games!
SESSIONS: Coaches Scott Weeks and Mark Gaffney give group talks
WORKIT: Owning the tempo workout
BARRINGER: 2008 Olympian Jennifer Barringer

RUNNING:hitting the roads and trails for a distance run
BBALL: game on for Beaver River and Connor
RANDOM: random pics from throughout the day
SPEED DRILLS: speed drills with Coach Munro

OTTER CREEK: hilly runs to and from otter creek
VBALL: the tournament heats up
MISCELLANEOUS: pics from all over
FAM: run reckless

OTTER CREEK: more pics from the second day to otter creek
GAMES: capture the flag and the knockout tournament
TALENT SHOW: aim high's most talented
TALKS: a few pics from the day's talks
VBALL: the last games of the tournament

GOALS: Dave and Jen talk about goal setting

Check back soon, more photos are on the way!

All photos taken by Mike Bradley

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