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“I love Aim High.” Lindsay R., North Syracuse, NY

“You two put so much into this camp and it shows. I can’t tell you how much I have been looking forward to coming to camp…” Stephanie S., Skaneateles, NY

“Ever since I got home all I have talked about is camp. Aim High will always have a special place in my heart.” Alyssa W., Skaneateles, NY

“I just wanted to thank you for an awesome week at AIM HIGH!!!!” Marcy V., Syracuse, NY

“If I could I’d like to give you a big “bear hug”, just to thank you for helping me along in my adventures in life. Thank you sooo much!” Derek M., Weedsport, NY

“I was so nervous and scared about going to camp. I was afraid I would hate it and be miserable, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The staff was incredible and I made so many great friends. You two have an amazing camp and I have so much respect for you. This was one of the best times of my life. AIM HIGH rocks!!!!” Jessie C., Batavia, NY

“I was a bit nervous about going to camp in a different state where I didn’t know anybody. But the week turned out to be incredible.” Jessie B., Shutesbury, MA

“The staff at Aim High is amazing. They truly inspire me. It doesn’t matter how good you are, the staff is so supportive and wants to help you improve.” Jessica S., Moravia, NY

“I looked forward to waking up every morning!” Ruth S., Sauquoit, NY

“I love you Jen and Dave!!!!” Chris O., Binghamton, NY

“Thank you so much for everything you have given me for the last four years. I will never forget you guys, the experiences I had and the things I learned. You are truly incredible people and I know that no matter where running and life steers me the slogan Aim High will always remain immensely pertinent. Thank you for four years of running, friends and fun.” Lindsay S., Skaneateles, NY

“The only way I can believe that I have been to camp six years is from the videos and the t-shirts! Every year I grew older, yet your imagination stayed young. Your attitudes always amazed me. I am still in awe of your energy, excitement and enthusiasm. What you two do is simply awesome and so greatly appreciated.” Paula J., Pompey, NY

“I love you guys!!!!” Mike D., East Amherst, NY

“This is the best week out of the year.” Jocelyn E., Ilion, NY

“For the second year in a row you have made this week one of the best of my year and I can’t wait to come back!” Julien H., Kinderhook, NY

“This camp has helped me learn so much about the sport which has increased my love for running.” Katie T., Clay, NY

“I count down the days until Aim High. The staff is awesome and it is neat to get to have fun with people you usually race with. The friendships and memories I’ve got from Aim High will last my whole life.” Marie P., North Syracuse, NY

“This was my first year and I loved it.” Nicki J., Cicero, NY

“You both do a phenomenal job, thank you so much.” Kelly L., Cicero, NY

“I had so much fun this year. The camp keeps getting better each year!” Emily O., Pittsford, NY

“It was a great experience, running and everything. Thanks so much.” Sean C., Batavia, NY

“Aim High rocks!” John H., Lockport, NY

“Aim High is awesome!!!” Ben W., Liverpool, NY

“I love you guys. I have so much fun at camp. See you next year.” Erica B., Boonville, NY

“Thanks for having camp again this year. I would have cried it you didn’t.” Melissa S., Cohoes, NY

“This is the highlight of my summer. So many things happened here that I will never ever forget. I can’t wait to come back next year.” Julia S., Cohoes, NY

“Aim High has helped me in so many ways, not just in running.” Katie O., Cincinnatus, NY

“I’ve had a great time here and I will never forget what Aim High has given me.” Becky M., Groton, NY

“I will remember this week for the rest of my life.” Bryan B., Cicero, NY

“I wouldn’t miss Aim High for anything in the world. It is a great place.” Stephanie H., Syracuse, NY

“This year turned out to be the best. Dave and Jen know how to make me feel at home. I can’t wait until next year.” Laura L., Olean, NY

“I had the best time here.” Sara B., Youngstown, NY

“When my sister and I arrived Dave and Jen and the whole staff made us feel so welcome.” Ali A., Gansevoort, NY

“This is absolutely the highlight of my summer. Thank you for reminding me why I love running.” Kathryn N., Syracuse, NY

“I’ve been here 3 years and it gets better and better each year! Thanks for helping me help myself.” Colin L., Sterling, NY

“Jen and Dave, you both are amazing. I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me and the rest of the Aim Highers. Thank you so much for everything.” Amanda L., Moravia, NY

“You guys are awesome! The week wouldn’t be complete without you. You will never know the impact you had not only from a running standpoint but as people. I love you both and I will definitely walk away with tears in my eyes and footprints in my heart.” Sarah S., Skaneateles, NY

“I only wish I knew of Aim High when I was younger because it was so much fun.” Jessica O., Marcellus, NY


“Wow….That is the only way I can describe Aim High. I didn’t realize fully why you both dedicate so much of your free time to such an endeavor until I was there……” Anthony Gallo, Syracuse, NY

“Letting me have this opportunity has made my perspective of kids and running many more times clearer. You not only reached the campers hearts this past week, but mine as well.” Katie Luker, New Hartford, NY

“You have changed my life and the lives of many campers. You make so many people happy. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Meaghan Herbst, Ticonderoga, NY

“There is absolutely no doubt that whether you go to Aim High as a camper or counselor you walk away feeling better about yourself and your running.” Kaitlin Rees, Oneida, NY

“This past week at Aim High was one of the best experiences I have ever had. An amazing time. I can’t say enough. I just sat down with my cousin and told him everything about it.” Tom Proctor, Niagara Falls, NY

“The kids aren’t the only ones who get motivated there.” Coach Matt LoPiccolo, Oneonta State

“I had a great time and the kids were absolutely amazing. The two of you put on an awesome camp. I know the campers in my cabin had a terrific time.” Chad Bader,

“Thanks for letting me be a counselor at Aim High. You guys are a great group of people.” Lauren Heron, Fayetteville, NY

“I don’t know why, but for some reason you are the two most inspirational people I have ever met. I don’t know what the future has in store for me considering my research, but if I can take a week off during the summer I will take it off to come to Aim High Running Camp.” Randa Jabbour, State College, PA


“I want to thank all involved. Our daughter has not stopped talking about all she has learned this past week.” Nancy M., Homer, NY

“Thanks so much - you were so organized-well done!!!!!!! My daughter loved your camp and is already looking forward to next year with you guys.” Pam P., Warwick, RI

“Our son and daughter had a great time and learned a lot. You are such great people.” Debby R., North Syracuse, NY

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